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  1. Melika Tullous says:

    My husband and I hired Amanda to choreograph a show-stopping jaw-dropping first dance, and boy did she deliver! Our first dance was easily one of the most talked about moments and memories from our wedding day.
    Planning a wedding is very stressful, but this was our little breather from it all. My husband and I both looked forward to our rehearsals because we treated them like a date night. Amanda has such a fun and exciting spirit, which made her a delight to work with. With my husband and me on opposite work schedules, Amanda was still able to find several rehearsal times that worked for us all in a short timeframe.
    I really appreciated that she had each of us film her dancing our part at the end of each rehearsal. This was extremely helpful when practicing at home and prevented any unnecessary disputes between my future husband and me.
    Because I enjoyed working with Amanda so much, I quickly got my dad to join me for a few extra classes and had her choreograph our Father/Daughter dance. The skill-level between my two dances could not have been more different, but Amanda broke everything down into simple steps, which helped my dad immensely in a very short amount of time. I know it was an experience and memory we will both cherish forever.
    Not only is Amanda extremely talented and a pleasure to work with, but she is also affordable. I highly recommend using Amanda for your upcoming wedding or special event. You won’t regret it!

  2. Robin says:

    Amanda did a wonderful job helping my husband and I with our first dance for our wedding this past December. From the beginning she was very easy to work with and did a great job helping us both. Neither my husband and I are “good” dancers by any means and she helped customize a wonderful routine that we felt confident with. She also cut our song, took video for us to practice with, and communicated with our DJ on exactly when to start the song. She even sent me emails before the big day checking in with me to make sure we were ready to go and let us know she was there for any last minute concerns or questions.

    I would highly recommend her and her services!

  3. Caitlin and Tyler says:

    For this past year’s Valentine’s Day my husband (then fiance) got me (us!) a first dance choreographer for our June wedding. Amanda was a wonderful instructor and choreographer. She exceeded our expectations! Neither my husband nor I are gifted with fancy footwork, but Amanda ensured we would look great on the dance floor for our first dance. She completely tailored our dance to exactly what we desired – something simple, yet elegant. She was very patient with our lack of experience during lessons. She would take video on our phones of the choreography so we could practice at home and she recorded the dance during our final lesson so we could see how we look and allow us to focus on honing any imperfections. Amanda was truly delightful to work with and we highly recommend her! She is highly experienced and wonderful instructor, especially for beginners like us!

  4. Sara says:

    Amanda is patient, fun, and upbeat – she is by far the best dance instructor I have ever had! She choreographed a very interesting first dance for my husband and I, and it went off without a hitch. It was a great experience for him and I to do together before the big day. I highly recommend her for any dancing you want to learn – and she’s so fun to watch, too!

  5. John and Jerri says:

    Amanda is an amazing dance instructor. She works with you to achieve your goals and provides guidance when you have questions. A very personalized instructional experience.
    ~John & Jerri

  6. Michael and Stefanie Osuna says:

    Our dance lessons gave Michael and I soo much confidence and charisma ( even with a couple missed steps 😉 ) we are soo grateful to have worked with you and we couldn’t be any happier with the turn out of our dance performance that we got to share with all of our loved ones. It is definitely a once in a lifetime WOW that we will cherish and again we can not thank you enough for being apart of it all. Especially in such a short notice of time you were outstanding!!
    Thank you again,
    Michael and Stefanie Osuna

  7. Pearl & Red says:

    Amanda was very professional and friendly. Every practice we had she pushed us to work hard. The last week of practice I was very nervous and losing my steps. She pushed me threw just like a coach would their team. Her willingness to add, take out or change our routine as soon as we suggested it showed how will her skill is crafted. She was also willing to put our music together for us!Thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure.We had the best time working with you! I know as we look back on all the time spent working on our wedding we will look back at our practice sessions and remember that you took this as serious as we did. You are a true professional. Thank you. Pearl & Red
    Pearl & Red

  8. Cyndia and Richard says:

    I am so glad that my wedding planner introduced my husband and me to Amanda! Words cannot describe how wonderful she is. She is so incredibly talented and smart, and has the sweetest demeanor! My fiancé and I wanted to combine 2 songs and I thought we would need to change them because I didn’t know how they could be synced, but Amanda synced them with no problem and the 2 songs blended together without a hitch! At times, it is easy to become frustrated with your significant other, that’s where Amanda comes in and is a great mediator. She never becomes frustrated when you aren’t remembering things. I couldn’t believe how much we learned from her! We like her so much, that my husband and me are continuing dance lessons with her just for fun! I hope you choose Amanda for your wedding dance… she truly is wonderful.
    ~Cyndia & Richard

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