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Dreama is the largest and most trusted global marketplace connecting engaged couples with local wedding professionals.

Millions of couples around the world are able to search, compare and book from a directory of over 500,000 vendors. Founded in 2007, Dreama’s portfolio of sites help couples and businesses in 15 countries across North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

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Many people create notes on a computer and print them or send them through the Internet. However, I believe the most effective notes are handwritten. A handwritten note is personal and rare. Due to this, it will be given more attention.

Managing the Planner

We have created this organization to make your wedding experience easier. 

Planning can be difficult. Our goal is to give you the resources and ability to plan well. We will provide you with everything you will need to know in order for your event to be perfect from the engagement to the honeymoon. Including step-by-step guides to help you feel prepared and not overwhelmed. 

By the end you will be able to say that you enjoyed every moment of your wedding process. 

Amazing Value

We have chosen our vendors very carefully so we can provide you with the value you deserve on your wedding day.

Specific vendors have different sales exclusively through I Do In Tucson and we have made it our priority to provide you with the best prices in the business. 

Our vendors are incredible. They want you to have a great experience on your perfect day and are willing to work with you to achieve that. 

Vendor Relations

We have been in the business for over 20 years. This has allowed us to find and make connections with many people in the wedding industry. So we have taken our favorite vendors and made it easy for you to decide if they will be the right fit for you and your perfect day. Our goal is not to choose your vendors for you but to provide you with options that we know and trust. 


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We make it simple to get the pricing, availability, and answers you need from wedding venues and wedding vendors across every town. You will be able to find the best vendor for your budget and plan your wedding exactly the way you envisioned it.

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