Wedding Planning and Management 

We aim to help you create your dream wedding that will be remembered by everyone for years to come. 


The ultimate wedding checklist to make sure everything gets done.

Choosing a Guest List

Seamlessly create and manage lists and RSVPs for all your events.


Let us run the numbers and keep your spending on track.

Seating Chart

Drag and drop from your list to assign each guest a seat.

Preferred Vendors

Quickly find, manage, and message your favorite vendors.

Wedding Website

Easily create a custom wedding website

Let's Plan Your Perfect Wedding

We’re here to serve you, step-by-step.

We have made it incredibly easy for you to find every single piece of your wedding without the hassle of searching for months on end. 

Whether this is your first wedding or not. This is the place for you to plan your dream wedding and know that no matter what we will make sure you don’t forget anything leading up to your perfect day. 

Easily Find the Best Wedding Services

We pride ourselves on the local vendors we offer. They are committed to giving you the best experience they are able to give, with sales exclusively through I Do In Tucson. 

Wedding Vendors


Are you ready to walk down the aisle?

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We make it simple to get the pricing, availability, and answers you need from wedding venues and wedding vendors across every town. You will be able to find the best vendor for your budget and plan your wedding exactly the way you envisioned it.

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